Heart Rate Variability

What is it?

The time between each heartbeat varies throughout the day, and based on different situations or stressors, the time between each beat could be shorter or longer. The heart needs to be able to adapt to different situations and adjust, but it doesn’t know how to do this on its own. It relies on the Autonomic Nervous System.

Autonomic Nervous System

The ANS is a direct line to your heart helping to communicate the need for changes in rhythm. This is unconscious and happens even when sleeping. This system is made of 2 parts: your sympathetic (fight or flight) which increases blood pressure and heart rate, especially in stressful situations. The parasympathetic (rest and digest) is our relaxation response, in charge of decreasing heart rate and blood pressure.

Improving Balance

We live in a time of increased stress and tend to spend the majority of our days in a sympathetic state, this puts a toll on our minds and bodies. Restoring the balance within our Autonomic Nervous System is a great way to reduce stress and improve our emotional, psychological, and biological health. Is your nervous system unbalanced?

Our Heart Rate Variability machine can check the balance and overall health of your Autonomic Nervous System.